Playtest weekend 09JAN21 & 10JAN21

Hi everyone,

If you didn’t get a chance to join our first station playtest in December, here’s another opportunity
to help us test some of the deeper areas of the game, such as our item management, ship fitting,
player-driven economy and marketplace. If you did join us in December, please come back again
this weekend, as there is even more to test and we have also addressed a lot of the great
suggestions players made in the forum posts.


This test will again be focused on what we call ‘docked’ functionality rather than in-space combat, so
we’re running this playtest from Noon UTC (6am CST) Saturday 9th January to 6am UTC (12am CST)
Monday 11th January, to give you time to have a poke around under the hood. You won’t be able to
undock and fly around in space during this playtest – it is in-station activity only.

This is an essential playtest to make sure that the functionality we’ve built works the way you expect
it to work. Prior to the start of the weekend playtest we will be posting further detail outlining what we specifically want you to try out, including the stuff that was live last month as well as some new
stuff like the mission interface, and the UI/design as a whole.

And for this playtest, we are also expanding the ship options and allowing you to swap between
three different ships in your hangar, along with the appropriate ship fitting modules for each and
some cash to spend in the marketplace.

We’d really like you to have a good look around and then let us know what you think by replying in
this forum thread. We really value any and all feedback - positive or negative - and we will continue
to use your feedback in our ongoing development of the game!

If you haven’t already created an account, you can sign up here.

With very best wishes, and hoping to see you here this weekend,

SC & the AoA Team

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Patchnotes for the current release - more to come!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the playtest weekend.

In the past few weeks we’ve been working on many bugfixes and incorporating some of the great suggestions from our last playtest. There’s still more to do, but there’s some new things to look at.

Firstly, have a look at the patchnotes, which list all the changes that we’ve made.

Key things to highlight are that you now have the ability to change ship (which will change out your module fitting options, as well as the gfx display of the hangar), and we’ve also provided a mock-up of the missions selection tab so that you can get familiar with the approach.

We have given each player a starting wallet balance and a selection of items, as well as 3 ships to swap between. Please remember you cannot undock into space in this playtest; it’s in-station functionality only.

If this if your first AoA in-station playtest, please read these notes from the last one, which explain what we’d like you to do.

All feedback should be posted in this thread please; but we will be in chat throughout the weekend to answer any questions as they arise.

Hope you have fun, and many thanks for helping us!

Best wishes,

SC & the AoA team

It’s probably just something that I’m doing wrong, but I can’t get into the playtest. I can log in, but I can’t click into the game through my pilot name.

Hey Jejune,

When you log in, you don’t have the orange ‘Choose’ button?


Or it’s there, but clicking it doesn’t do anything?



SC, I don’t have the “Choose” button. I’m using Chrome and have the new version.

Wow, ok. Any chance you could screenshot that page/dialogue window and share it here? Please feel free to blur out pilot names you may have reserved :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!


You bet! Here you go:

Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 12.52.28 PM

Brilliantly useful, tyvm. And a Shift+Refresh / Shift+R doesn’t fix it?

Sadly, no.

I’m running the following: Version 87.0.4280.141 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Thanks v much Jejune. I’ll pass this to TC for further investigation, and he’ll let you know his findings/fix!

Hang in there, we’ll get this sorted!



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No worries! Thanks for looking into it, SC.

Jejune - should be fixed now!

YES! Fixed! Thank you so much!

yvw, many apologies!

Should be fixed already PR; give it a refresh and come on in!

A few points of feedback from my experience:

  • When selling in the sell window and you have inventory open, inventory doesn’t update after a sale.
  • Need to add feedback as to what icons and buttons do. Tooltips would be nice.
  • The “window” UI format seems good, but the UI just stacks up and gets confusing. Should only be able to have one UI open at a time and selecting items from inventory should give an option to go straight to buy/sell for that item.
  • Inventory transfer buttons from cargo <–> hangar should be bigger/more prominent. Somehow I didn’t even notice them and couldn’t figure out how to move between storage types.

Otherwise, looking good so far.

It would also be nice to see feedback when trying to fit a ship and something can’t be added.

In the Trade, when buying “Autonite”, moving the slider changes the amount between 1 and 100, not between the min and max amount. Clicking on the MAX button select 51 units, not the maximum possible ones. It’s the same for “Trona” and might be for other items too.