Patchnotes v0.7.113



  • Enable links in chat
  • Chat emote sizing
  • Remove time styling from emotes
  • Newer messages, sorted, only
  • Don’t send empty messages
  • Don’t display double posts
  • Trim whitespace from messages
  • Only send history to player logging in, not everyone
  • Don’t filter by messageid on client
  • Filter dupes
  • Player addable chat reactions
  • Improve reaction alignment


  • Window drag performance
  • Use web animation api for dragging/resizing
  • Remove custom resizing
  • Remove non webanimation window dragging
  • Reduce layout depth for windows and chat
  • Reduce chat divs
  • Reduce chat elements
  • Faster chat resizing
  • Lazy load images
  • Improve Scroll behaviour
  • Remove empty choices when choosing fittings


  • css generator update

Look & Feel

  • Top bar formatting
  • Output heights & widths for start window sizes
  • Clicking menu item should restore or bring open windows to front
  • Add new fonts
  • Resize login/register
  • Right clicking on window title bar shouldn’t move window to top,left
  • Fix chat window dragging
  • Restyle chat to match UI
  • Improve Text formatting
  • Keep window size on replace if larger than min
  • Fix windows tab activation
  • Improve size text visibility
  • Hangar ship-in-foreground changes on swapping ship

Ship Fitting

  • Empty module slots should say what module type (eg Energy Weapon, Afterburner etc) they require
  • De-emphasise empty slots text
  • Remove cargohold as choice from fitting window
  • Keep inventory filters after action
  • Fix Ship layout window min size
  • Ignore punctuation when sorting item names
  • Alignment of data columns
  • Swap between ships via “AVAILABLE” header tab


  • Add mass and volume to inventory
  • Fix Marketplace font sizing
  • Ignore punctuation when sorting item names


  • List of buy/sell orders filtered by item selected


  • Add missions mock up
  • Enable missions menu item