Playtest weekend 09JAN21 & 10JAN21

Opera, Win10

The chat would not scroll all the way down to the bottom when joining the game or when a new message was sent.

I moved everything from my hanger to my cargo hold and closed the window, and all my equipment disappeared!
Requesting a technician to come and repair the hole in my cargo hold!
PEBKAC, see next post.

When equipping things with the Move Right arrow, the scroll bar of the module slots section would jump back up to the top. This was extremely annoying when trying to do engineering modules.

In the trade window, Pharmaceuticals ran out of the box, along with Entertainment Device

I love the new trade window a lot, by the way, it’s much clearer now. Would love a search bar though.

After maximizing a sell order of Acrobat II RCS, the Vol column didn’t go to 0.

Closing and reopening the trade window made it disappear from the list! Expected it to still be there, since there were still lots of buy orders open for it!

For reasons mentioned in the previous test I don’t really like the purchase UI, but I just noticed this and now it will never not bother me.
Why is that gap in the slider there?! Why!?! Why?!?!?!

There was some odd, unused space at the bottom of the research window.

The Mission window UI didn’t resize with the window size.

Additionally, I couldn’t interact with anything on the page. Wasn’t sure if it’s just turned off or not.

Overall loving the improvements! Can’t wait to see more functionality/bug fixes.

Browser: Firefox 84.0b5

Resizing the browser window on the X axis with the chat window on the far right results in the chat window being cut off and disappearing if shrunk too much.

No tool tips on icons.

I assume the missions are simply static images for now and that’s why they’re slightly blurry and don’t scale with the screen.

Weird resize button on the modal dialog for the Split Stack screen.

You can drag a window beyond the browser window’s confines which can result in it being unable to be closed or moved.

Small sizing issue on fitting window in the resistance area overlapping the equipment.
Minor issue when resizing the windows you can see a flicker on some of the icons and borders. The resize causes a border on them to disappear. The left border is missing from both Combat and Resistance. The borders appear to appear/disappear based on position in the browser. There are many borders on this particular window that flicker when moving the window.

Can’t seem to select text or move the cursor with the mouse in the “Send a message” box for the chat window.

When splitting an item with the same inventory on both sides the interface doesn’t update properly

Close button isn’t properly padded on the Error screen.

Probably my lack of knowledge here but I only have 99 Psilomelane but it shows 11.8k in the Trade window (but when I try and sell I can only sell the 99 I have)

One thing that would be helpful is when you have multiple windows open that utilize the same inventory like the Fitting window and the Inventory window would be if they update each other when the data in them changes. Attaching equipment to the ship doesn’t update the inventory window which could lead to confusion about what you still have :slight_smile:

Last one is the numpad enter button doesn’t work on the chat window.

My earlier post talked about how I lost my inventory, however I believe this was due to having put everything into a cargo hold then changing my activated ship.

  1. Move everything to cargo hold
  2. Change activated ship
  3. Close/reopen the inventory window
  4. Be bewildered at empty cargo hold

It was very confusing having ‘lost’ everything that was moved to my cargo hold, I guess because I hadn’t developed a very good sense of object permanence when it came to owning multiple ships. However I think this can be resolved by being able to see the cargo hold of all docked ships in the view inventory dropdowns:

Cargohold - Podkova Frigate
Cargohold - Apex Interdictor
Cargohold - Mod-Bat Satyrz

I think this would also lend itself to possible specialized holds such as smugglers holds and protected holds.

Moving items between spaces while the inventory or fitting window was open did not update the other.

When attempting to equip the item in the outdated fitting window, nothing happened.
When attempting to do the inverse - trying to move an equipped item to the cargo hold in the outdated inventory window - I received the following error:

You do not have sufficent items in this inventory stack to transfer

…which is misspelled. As a note, I did not get this error when interacting with the outdated fitting window, only when interacting with the outdated inventory window.

I was unable to access any of the cargo hold(s) in the fitting window.

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  1. I’d like to use some hotkeys (preferably customizable), e.g. at least Esc to close last opened ingame window. Maybe something to close/hide all windows except chat, for buttons like Missions, and even for frequently used functions when managing inventories…
  2. I don’t think the circle appearing around the tip of the mouse cursor when it comes over a button is a really good idea. It makes its exact position less clear and obscures small details and letters. Just a bit uncomfortable.
  3. Probably textures could be a little more differentiated between ships and station interior, so they would look more separated from each other.
  4. I hope it’ll be possible to select and copy text from ingame windows, like ship statistics, mission details, etc. It will be very useful in conversations and discussions.
  5. A little typo: in ship statistics it should be “Signature” instead of “Signiture”.

Anyway, thanks for your great work!

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Hey, everyone

A big thanks for taking part in our recent playtest weekend and for taking the time to give us your comments and feedback in the forum. The dev guys are busy working on tweaks, enhancements and new stuff, too.

Over the next few weeks, we will reply to individual posts and also give you an overview of the total scope of work going on (patch notes gives you a good view).

Our next playtest, 6/7 Feb, will be our final open alpha weekend for in-station functionality only, and then we will move on to pulling it all together, with in-space also available. See you, next time!


Agreed - background refresh is top of our list (but not in place yet).



Fixed! tyvm for pointing this out though :slight_smile:

Fixed, thank f*ck :slight_smile:

Agreed, on the to-do list.

Sorta fixed; more to do here (prolly remove the quantity columns to make more room)

Yep, on the to-do list!

Fixed! (and a really good spot, tyvm!)

Thundercat tells me that this is actually built-in to the browser control function itself and there’s nothing we can do about it…

Hopefully fixed now!

Yeah, it’s purely a placeholder gfx atm; will change in the next release.

Best wishes,


Yep, we’ve fixed some of this, but still more to do.

Should be there now!

Yep, entirely correct - they’re just a placeholder gfx atm.

Should be fixed!

Hopefully fixed!

Sorta fixed… ie the resistances window is now fixed, but the ship stats window has overflow :frowning:

Yeah, very much on our to-do list ‘background refresh’

Nice spot, tyvm! On the to-do list.

Yep, absolutely - see above (‘background refresh’)!

Should be fixed!




Yep, agreed - on the to-do list: ‘background refresh’

Fixed :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is deliberate at our end; items to be fitted to a ship have to be in the hangar, not the cargohold for a wide variety of reasons that pass all understanding :slight_smile:



Hotkeys are definitely on the to-do list… Esc isn’t really an option for us to use as a key, due to browser restrictions. But yes, customisable hotkeys are 100% on the list!

Yeah, agreed - on the to-do list.

100% agreed; we’ve made some changes for some ships, but absolutely we have to distinguish the ship from the background more clearly.

Fixed, I think!