Patchnotes v0.8.194



  • Fix chat auto-scroll
  • Allow selection of links in chat
  • Allow numpad enter to send chat


  • Larger width item/category chooser
  • Wider column widths for quantity and prices
  • Default to max amount in trades
  • Fix wrong values when quantities > 1000
  • Add tree view for item selection
  • Improve trade tree view selection
  • Improve trade order lines
  • Switch buy/sell summaries in tree view
  • Treeview categories should have activation pointer
  • Trade window should open larger
  • Adjust tree view columns


  • Remove resize on split stack
  • Fix Split stack artefacts
  • Remove move all buttons
  • Differentiate move buttons better
  • Move to reusable inventory component
  • Show all ships cargoholds in hanger
  • Don’t sort inventory randomly by default
  • Add tooltips to move left/right
  • Improve inventory contents display

Ship Fitting

  • Expand available ships to include ships in inventory
  • Add ship pack/unpack service
  • Ship unpack/pack inventory transactions
  • Upack ship (client side)
  • Pack ship (client side)
  • Pack ship+equip+cargo to inventory
  • Only move right for ships
  • Add confirm dialog for packing ship
  • Switch to changed ship data format
  • Add tooltips
  • Disable not-equiped
  • Allow equippable check on selection
  • Clarify “confirm” pack ship text
  • Correct spelling: Signature


  • Add maufacturing tree view
  • Add manufacturing recipe
  • Disable manufacture when not enough inputs
  • Manufacturing recalc/interactivity
  • Increase trade/manufacturing treeview width
  • Improve insufficient resources highlight
  • Highlight and feedback insufficient inputs for manufacturing
  • Improve line wrap for manufacturing tree
  • No available fabrication lines shouldn’t error
  • Correct amounts and calcs for batched items
  • Greater default height for manufacturing dialog
  • Deliver waiting manufacturing batches
  • Add active manufacturing batch page
  • Active manufacturing batches
  • Submit fabrication batch


  • Version stamp all libraries
  • Faster builds

Look & Feel

  • Stop tab drag
  • Stop windows being shrunk too small