Alpha test feedback April 26, 2014

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Ouch @PsychoRomeo

Hey! Had tons of fun. Was a lot more challenging this time around.

When the bots were let loose, I took a step back and watched (this was totally to enjoy the scenery and had nothing to do with fear for my life). What I saw was a sea of red causing blue speckles to explode all across my screen. Twas pretty awesome.

Thanks for the twitter mention! Here was my final score. Can’t put pictures in posts yet.

I noticed a bit more lag this time. A lot times players I noticed players lagging for a second then jumping forward. Also had a few mouse focus issues and I accidentally inverted my Y many times, usually when trying to find that booster while fleeing for my life.

See you guys next week!

Was quite a fun round after I started it with chromium, what fixed my framerate issues, which I had with firefox on a linux system and optimus. But I was able to turn at double speed when using the mouse in combination with the a or d key. It didn’t work with a or s though

60 kills. Good god.

I might have to start recording your flights so we can program the hardest level NPC AI around your decision-making process!

On the lag front, it slightly depends on where the players are. We were running (as usual) out of the East Coast US datacentre - and if a player comes in from someone further away, their updates are less frequent.

When we deploy the full AoA architecture, we run local datacenters around the globe and use the dark fiber network backplane between the datacenters to hook the players together (which eliminates a lot of the “consumer” internet lag; as each player only talks to their nearest datacenter, and we then run the internal comms to shuttle the traffic around).

But yeah, pretty awesome flying PsychoRomeo!


James N

How about I record next week’s flight, add some commentary, and upload it for you guys somewhere?

Suddenly the lag makes sense, I’m living in NW US. Thanks for clearing that up.

That’d be awesome. I’d love to see the view from your cockpit tbh.

There’s a number of gameplay decisions we need to make (such as acceleration and deceleration curves for different engine types, rate of turn etc for different maneuvering thrusters etc), and so seeing what it looks like and how it’s being used (currently) at the top end of the piloting skill leaderboard would be seriously useful.

So yes please, would love to watch it.

Oh wow, 60 kills…that’s impressive. I’m quite glad you’re a blue and not a red :smile:

Thanks for coming out! Had a blast today.