March 14th at 1900 GMT / 1400 EST / 1100 PST

All you need to participate in this official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ record attempt for the Largest Videogame PvP Battle is a modern web browser – so invite your friends, come back in 14 days, 1 hour, 11 minutes, 16 seconds… and be a part of gaming history!

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I am a bit bafeled by the format of your forum… but i will get the hang of it, eventually.

I have read a few… very few things about AoA, being an EVE player i was intrigued by the concept of another EVE like game. All i read about AoA so far is that it will be a sandbox and will involve dogfighting.

That is all very nice and a I am sure many EVE players will love the dogfighting part, EVE is lacking in that aspect… so far.
I for one am interested in the 3’rd person view, not that i dislike dogfighting but i love having the option to order the “ship” to keep at range, orbit, aproach and so forth. Will AoA have a 3’rd person perspective and the option to order the ship to do certain tasks?

Sorry if i posted in the wrong part of the forum, thruthfully, i have no ideea in what part of the forum i am posting right now.

I would be happy with any reply… as long as it is a reply :wink:

Hi Victor,

It’s still very much under development and planning, but we do intend to allow ships to install modular “software subsystems” that can provide a variety of autopiloting features including orbit, approach etc but also to perform either default or pre-recorded complex maneuvres.

We do also intend to allow third person perspective, however we want this to work in conjunction with your visibility / radar systems, so that if you weren’t aware of a ship coming up behind you in first-person view, then you also wouldn’t be aware of it in third-person view.

Apologies for the delay in replying - things are a bit hectic at the moment!


James Niesewand

As a small Youtube content creator, I was wondering if it is ok to record and upload monetized videos of this event?

Looks amazing, can’t wait to try it.

I was also wondering about Monetization also I would like to live stream the record attempt on Twitch.

Absolutely fine, mondeflp! Hope you enjoy it.

Please do live stream it, Tank; that’d be awesome.

This public alpha is entirely free. Monetisation for the full game will be free-to-play.

Before you run screaming into the hills :smile: however, we do free-to-play without pay-to-win. We’ve proven that we can do this in a persistent universe with our current title; and even the press agrees!

Thank you James for the reply.

It does sound like a good ideea and i do hope you implement the 3rd person view and “autopilot” for the lazy (aka. me).
I am looking forward to the way you will implement this, best of luck.


Looks good, hope to see more gameplay!