What is going on?

Judging by the total lack of anything regarding new content for Illyriad, I have to assume someone is beavering away trying to make AOA actually happen. However, communication is everything… so please communicate. In the last couple of years, the Illyriad non zero accounts have fallen from 3,600 to 2,900 today. AOA hasn’t even launched. Eventually people will just drift away leaving nothing left, which is a shame.

No communication will kill this project and others. Its been 6 days and its obvious no-one gives a monkeys.

Looks like they have all been swallowed by the event horizon. Nieswand needs to get a grip and admit its not going to happen due to azure tech not being up to the task.

hello, hello?
Can you hear me?

We’re lost in the snow,
Where can we be?

Beats the sh!t out of me.

Get a grip or admit this project is history.