Team Combat Playtest 04SEP21

Hey everyone,

We will be giving you more detail in the next few days on this upcoming playtest.

Look forward to seeing you there!


The AoA Team

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our Age of Ascent team combat playtest! As you can see, some things have changed since our last PvP playtests, including a new front end with even more great artwork and improved visuals. We have streamlined the UI while in space and expanded the hangar so you have a choice of three ships, this time – each with different loadouts.

Review the ship options, choose one and then watch the match count-down clock for the start of the next match. Jump into space and you will join one of the two teams for the 20-minute team combat match. Your teammates’ ships are blue and the enemies are red. You can see all the ships on the radar and use the contact list to lock on a target.

We have different scoreboards, one for during the match to see how the teams are doing, one at the end of the match to show your victory or defeat and a player KD ranking when you are in the hangar. You can see these by holding down TAB.

For this playtest, you will be given an unlimited number of ships, with no penalty for deaths, so get out there and go for it!

After each match, you will be randomly placed on one of the two teams for the next match.
There is in-game chat if you have any questions and our GM’s will be in the Age of Ascent discord channel, as well. We welcome all suggestions and feedback so please go into the Age of Ascent forum thread and add your thoughts.

The playtest will run for an hour – or longer if people want to keep playing!

Look forward to seeing you there.

The AoA Team