Rules (Read before posting)

Welcome to the Age of Ascent community forums. The goal of these forums is to create a welcoming, enjoyable environment in which players can interact with one another as well as AoA staff. In order to foster such an environment, all posters are required to follow the Code of Conduct as listed below. Please read this thread as well as the Terms and Conditions before interacting on the forums.

Code of Conduct:

In order to create a positive and respectful environment for both players and staff, the following are strictly prohibited both in game and on the forums:

  • obscene, racist, homophobic or sexist language and imagery
  • posts of a sexually explicit, inflammatory or violently threatening
  • abuse, harassment and name-calling
  • posts with the intent to provoke or disrupt other players aka
  • posts containing profanity
  • impersonating fellow players or AoA staff
  • discussions and debates of a real world religious or political nature
  • spamming, for example: repeating information or posts of a
    nonsensical nature
  • posting personal information such as address, phone number, real name
    or other identifying information
  • use of copyright protected material without express consent of the
  • discussion of illegal activities
  • violation of local, state, national or international laws or
  • posting of advertisements

Do not post the same topic in multiple areas of the forum. Please familiarize yourself with the different categories and choose the one most appropriate for your topic.

“Bumping” forum posts by making a short response with the intent of moving the topic further up the list or adding to post count, is prohibited. Rather than bumping posts or posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button.

Please stay on topic and do not attempt to derail forum threads. Create a new topic or use the “reply as a new topic” button if needed to continue or expand on a discussion.

When posting game feedback and suggestions, please be constructive and specific. Negative feedback is welcome as long as it adheres to the Code of Conduct as listed above.

Public posting of private messages between fellow players or players and AoA staff is prohibited. This includes discussions of warnings and suspensions of both game and forum accounts.

Sharing accounts and passwords is strictly forbidden.

Automated procedures or “bots” used to either capture data or perform actions are prohibited.

At this time, English is the only language supported. Please refrain from posting in other languages.

Reporting and Moderation:

If a post on the forums is violating the Code of Conduct, you can report it by clicking the “flag” button at the bottom of the post to flag the post for moderator review.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in warnings followed by either a temporary or permanent suspension of your game and/or forum account at the discretion of AoA staff. These rules are subject to change at any time. Discussion of moderation and disciplinary action is to be kept private.

Any questions about the Code of Conduct and Rules can be directed to @GM_Luna via private message on the forums.

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