livestream feedback May 26, 2014

Continuing the discussion from Alpha test feedback May 24, 2014:

We’ve got a special public PvP alpha test this Monday evening (US) or early Tuesday morning (UK), being livestreamed by MMORPG.COM.

Join us at for a 30 min playtest Monday, May 26 2014 at 8:30pm Central US, 9:30pm East US

Will the livestream be filmed by a specific player? Is there someone I should avoid killing for the sake of filming?

Its being livestreamed by a member of the staff as I don’t know what player name they will use.

GM Thundercat :wink:

Unfortunately it’s like 4am in Spain so I won’t make it but I’ll try to come by for the future beta tests on Saturday nights.


Time check: 8:30pm Central US, 9:30pm East US, 1:30am GMT/UTC, 2:30am UK: will also be for the game

Scores for Monday:


Tons of fun. Bots were spawning an despawning on my face which kind of freaked me out, but they seemed rather tame this time. It was more of a feeding frenzy than a bullet storm.

I found myself putting bullets into an ally a few times. the reticle turns white when shot and it’s sometimes hard to see the tints of blue vs. red in the cluster.

There’s another issue I had, that is both the words FRIENDLY and HOSTILE are are red in the corner of the center HUD element. That’s sometimes hard to see too.

I can’t get over the idea that there’s some issue with the aiming. I feel at even max range, aiming requires zero leading.

I noticed a very powerful defensive tactic when being followed. The first step is to figure out who is shooting you, and a turn or two away from the crowd will tell you that. The second step is to turn right into your enemy, and execute a boosted barrel roll. It sends you right over their head, and puts you in a position to drop your speed to zero and get on their tail.

Anyway, had tons of fun. I really like the longer matches. Over a hundred kills!
See you all next week.

Thanks for you feedback

There is a an oversight with the current weapon. Our original weapon was a laser so it has the range and precision from that; we swapped it for the plasma projectile to test the network throughput more (as their are much more projectiles then laser streams). We will look to fixing the range and aiming for the next release.

Will see if I can fix this too friendly should be in green.

You’ve broken the score page, will have to put some scaling in!

Nice work Psycho Romeo! Sorry I missed this test, looks like it was a stunner.