Microsoft Ubelly Interview

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Microsoft’s Ubelly blog took some time out to interview Illyriad Games CEO, James Niesewand about the Develop Awards, the team’s current projects and use of Windows Azure.

Read an excerpt from the interview below:

Q. We understand that you have a new game in the works called Age of Ascent. What can you tell us about it and what inspired you to take on a game in such a different genre?

Age of Ascent (AoA) is a fun, team-based, arena combat game set in space. We’ve always loved the direct piloting of games like Freelancer, Elite, and Wing Commander; and we’ve also seriously enjoyed the arena battle genre – I’m a big fan of World of Tanks, and it’s hard to pull Ben, our CTO, away from MechWarrior Online. If you can imagine a mash-up of these types of games – with a taste of the depth of our first title, Illyriad – then that’s pretty much our goal with AoA.”

Read the full interview at Microsoft’s Ubelly blog.

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