Massively Interview with James Niesewand

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Illyriad Games CEO, James Niesewand, got the opportunity to sit down with to discuss Age of Ascent and the upcoming world record attempt. They discussed the goals of Age of Ascent as well as the technology behind the game that will make such large scale PVP battles possible.

“MMObility: Give us a general idea of what you are trying to do with the game.

Niesewand: There have been a large number of technical innovations that the games industry hasn’t yet adopted. Moving these technologies from other industries into the MMO genre isn’t easy, but we think the experience we can offer is going to be mind-blowing. We’ve developed a new space-based sandbox MMO called Age of Ascent to showcase some of these technologies in action, and the first bit that’s ready for a public preview is our prototype of the PvP dogfighting component. So we’re going to hold a public, free, alpha test of the PvP component of AoA. This alpha test will be held on March 14th, and we hope it will be the largest PvP battle in history. We’re aiming to break EVE Online’s record of 4,075 pilots, but in real time, concurrently, in a continuous, unsharded battlezone, with directly piloted dogfighting. You can find out more at the official site, but show up on March 14th and you’ll be randomly assigned to either a red or blue team and hopefully make gaming history with a whole bunch of other people engaged in extreme internet spaceship violence!”

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