Game MMO Age of Ascent

hi all.I play game Free To Play to Pay ,mmo,strategy rts,survival.Empiriom Galactic Survival,Guild War 2,ArcheRage,Entropia Universe,Dual Universe,Dangerous,EvE Online.

I like space mmo little crafting mining and my first role is PVP is very nice is drenaline.
I see every developer concept every game Long Train Skills and massively Corporation,big alliance and Coalition.

I have account EvE ONline for 12 years and i know i play 3 years,and spend 5000$ i have uninstaill now beacouse is necesary 500 player for make system.

Equals Dual Universe i make Gold Pack 200$ and i have uninstall beacouse is much time for skills and complex for build Ship.For Dual Universe i like structure is posible to make territory play solo.This is good.

Foe me the first game is Guild War 2.I like the structure game.You have your little territori for farm,and the best for me is Event.Is posible to partecipate little Event evry 1h and Boss every 2h.Every player is posible to partecipate.Foe little Event you have lttle reward and boss nice reward.

The map Guild War 2 is very nice for Event or partecipate Boss,beacouse you have allert and position in the map,is veri nice .And the gun class is not complex.

I know Age of Ascend have much potential for developer the first game space mmo free to play.

Hi Ripler

Thanks so much for taking the time to explore what we have with Age of Ascent so far. We are really excited about what we are doing and look forward to continuing to get feedback from players like you, during our alpha and beta testing period.

Please jump into the game during our next playtest weekend, 6/7 Feb. to see more new functionality.

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