Alpha Test Feedback Oct 15th 2016

Scores from this playtest are shown below, please provide your feedback on your experience!


Release Notes

  • Free-for-All (FFA) – all ships are hostile
  • Dual Projectile Multi-Cannons, 320 rounds/sec (19.2k per min), velocity 4 km/s, 7 km range
  • Next platest will have some dramatic changes and new functionality
  • It will be in six weeks (Sat Nov 26th) with time zone change 8PM GMT/UK ~ 3PM EST ~ 12PM PACIFIC

If you want to know the bigger picture and where we are heading don’t forget to check out: About Age of Ascent

Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

Great test today. I had lots of fun and did not notice any bugs.


Hi guys. This was my first playtest so things were a bit hectic for me, but a lot of fun. Also round-trip from South Africa is around 300ms, so I expect to have some difficulty against other players with much lower RT’s.

Hi bebnur,

We expect to distribute the load throughout the world when the game goes live and then use the darkfiber backbone to bring the clusters together, so latency should be less of an issue - as you’ll be talking to your closest datacenter rather than pinging across to where our current playtest servers were (East Coast US, this time).

However, I’d be interested to know how you found the experience at 300ms. Did you notice any specific high-latency effects such as rubber-banding, teleportation etc? Would love to know.

Many thanks in advance,


EDIT: The tests that Maxxor did for Azure datacenters that were best for South Africa found the North Europe datacenter performed signifcantly better than the others. We’ll automatically route you to the best/fastest datacenter, regardless.

Dang I missed this one. No king of the leaderboard for me this time.