Alpha test feedback May 24, 2014

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Join us at for a 30 min playtest Saturday, May 24 2014 at 8pm UTC, 3pm Central US, 4pm East US, 9pm UK

  • Target box around ship to differentiate teams
  • Improved ship trails, and engines
  • Player stats for post match analysis, with overtime graphs for each match and players you killed and who killed you.
  • Player overall perfromance stats, medals achieved, nemesis, kill/death ratios
  • More performance improvements
  • Lag handling improvements
  • Bloom and flim grain currently disabled

Results will be at:

So today I did the entire session on the chromebook and as you can see it was not as good as last time.

For aiming there is no problem and performance is good too but the big issue remains evasion. It is very frustrating not to be able to escape someone shooting at you when you go in all the directions possible. I died 30 times trying to evade. Also the handling of the mouse on Chrome OS is not optimized and it makes it a bit slow compared to a Windows machine but I don’t think you guys can do anything about that.

Another frustrating point is that I got killed several times at spawn location and it’s a bit annoying too when popping up to have someone behind you already. Maybe the spawn locations can be chosen on the go where there are no one from the other team in the near area.

Something else I noticed is that the range of fire is very long and maybe that doesn’t help to balance out the game, have you tried shorter firing range before?

Anyway overall it was a good session (3rd yay!) and Erran is now my worst enemy :@

Scores where checking if the time was greater than rather than greater than or equal the hour, now the overall page has been updated:

However you can see each of the weekly ones on the previous test list e.g this weeks with awesome topping the charts

This is really looking great! This was my first time with the trails on and I like them. Makes tracking and finding a target much easier. There was about 3 or 4 times that you could see a ship would ‘comet’ across the screen at unbelievable speeds only because the trails were there. Is that why you have them on?

Got 6th place in the test leader boards!

Did Psycho Romeo change his name to Awesome so he wouldn’t be such a target?

Also once the bots came on I had fun shooting fish in a barrel… until an actual player found me. Then I realized how to find them, because they were the only reds firing their weapons. I was able to shoot fish in a barrel with it being players but this time because I could fade into the school of fish that was the bots.

Really fun stuff! Well done dev team.

Some scrrenshots from this weeks test:

I too was on a chromebook. I have an external mouse but not for steering only for the wheel to adjust ship speed quickly. You are correct about using it for steering because of the odd lag on chromebooks and external mice.

I also had an issue evading… but then again so did my opponents :wink:

Specificaly I am on an Acer C720 with 2gb of ram. I believe that I achieved 50-60fps most of the time.

I have a Acer C720P with 2gb as well and I could notice about the same performance as you, between 50 and 60 FPS.

I agree that the keyboard would be better for steering but the French layout doesn’t allow me to do that in a practical way. To be honest, steering with the mouse on Windows is really great.

I am really starting to love this game. It is quite a fun game but the one drawback that I have noticed is that it is sometimes impossible to tell which angle you are being shot at from. Some sort of indicator, maybe on the tactical map, could help improve the balance of the game. This could be whoever is shooting you lighting up on the tactical map. I didn’t really notice the target box around the ships except for when their shield flare, making it a little easier to hit them.


No I am not Psycho Romeo, if you want proof we were both at the 5/17 alpha test.

Still a great game and keep up the good work Dev team, love seeing the new features every week.

Sorry, unfortunately I couldn’t make this one, but I hope to see you all tomorrow for the special Monday session. I have considered changing my name in the past but decided against it. I have a reputation to forge.

Congrats Awesome and Erran on having great scores, can’t wait to fly with/against you.

As mentioned by @PsychoRomeo

Sadly this when ships respawn; and I’d be edging it into the bug rather than feature column :frowning:

Thank you; glad you enjoyed! :smile:

We are going to be allowing you to set up your keybindings on the player page (between games) based on your login - however we aren’t quite there yet.

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We’d like to bring this in, along with indicators showing where nearby targets are - including behind you.


The fire range is a hangover from when the weapon was a laser and we will be shorting it for the next test, hopefully that should improve things - though it will make people harder to shoot

That will be awesome, I’ll wait no worries :wink:

That will also be a very welcome addition! [quote=“GM_thundercat, post:14, topic:174”]
The fire range is a hangover from when the weapon was a laser and we will be shorting it for the next test, hopefully that should improve things - though it will make people harder to shoot

I’ll definitely give you some feedback on this, it was really a proposition and I might very well be wrong but that’s what betas are for right? :slight_smile:

Indeed well done! Can’t wait for next test session :slight_smile: