Alpha Test Feedback May 16 2015

Join us at for a 30 min playtest Saturday, 16th May, 2015 at 3pm Central US, 4pm East US, 8pm UTC/GMT, 9pm UK (Desktop browser, mouse and keyboard)


Release Notes

  • Free-for-All (FFA) - All ships are hostile
  • Substantial changes to the server-side back-end
  • Inter-server networking communications re-factored
  • Client-Server communications streamlined
  • Physics calculations optimised in preparation for the introduction of collision detection and ‘smart’ weapons (eg missiles)
  • Global flight envelope data transformed in preparation for independent modular subsystems (eg engines, afterburners, weapons etc)
  • Next playtest after this one will be in four weeks (June 13th)

If you want to know the bigger picture and where we are heading don’t forget to check out: About Age of Ascent

Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

No lag or anything else bad. I had a pretty hard time keeping down on one foe or another, but I think missiles will fix that. I see something I’ll add to the fighter tactic forums.

Way more assists this time.

My KD ratio seems to be returning to normality :fearful:

Another 4 week gap again before the next test - sorry about that. There’s lots to do at the front- and back-ends, and so we’re going to make a concerted run at it without the distraction of a playtest in the middle!

Many thanks for your patience!


Awesome playtest today. Only one crash in Chrome, but other than that it was smooth and bug-free throughout.

(sorry, initially posted in wrong thread)

Hah! the top five are 0 deaths, 1 death, 1, death, 10 deaths, 3 deaths. Wish I was there!