Alpha Test Feedback May 14th 2016

Scores from this playtest are shown below, please provide your feedback on your experience!


Release Notes

  • Returned mouse pointer reticule
  • Increased FoV
  • Running on small dev cluster, ASP.NET Core x64 RC2, Kestrel in Microsoft Azure
  • Server hot-spot tracing is on
  • Free-for-All (FFA) – all ships are hostile
  • Dual Projectile Multi-Cannons, 320 rounds/sec (19.2k per min), velocity 4 km/s, 7 km range
  • Next playtest after this one will be in five weeks (Sat June 18th)

If you want to know the bigger picture and where we are heading don’t forget to check out: About Age of Ascent

Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

Alright i decided to do something special this time :slight_smile:

After realizing i suck at fighting, again, i decided to fly out as far as i could. Now this was interesting i mean nothing really happened but yeah xD

I’m not sure if u guys find it useful in your data from this ultimately genius plan but here you go. All i can sorta say about it is that well, your game keeps running fine when you are out there, however i did have a slight glitch where the game kept telling me i had boost while i didn’t.


Had a great time! However, the mouse sensitivity seems to be really high! I adjust it on my mouse itself, but it doesn’t really seem to help.

If you die while shooting, the sound continues until you rejoin. annoying.

Tried with Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m (64-bit) on a Windows 10: no music, no rendering at all apart from the commands UI. Switched to Edge, everything went smooth.

It would be awesome to have an “opposite-of-boost” break

I had a lot of fun! The controls were much better this time than they were last test. I was able to lead people accurately from long range more easily. I played on Chrome on Windows 10 and everything worked well. The UI was a little cluttered and it was hard to tell who I was shooting at and how much health they had. I didn’t know about the boost feature, or how to use it, so I didn’t get to test that bit out. All in all, I think that it is coming along very well, and I can’t wait for the next test!

I got the message “First Kill” on my second kill. That was awesome. So, is that a bug, or is the notification for kill count reset when you die?

heh, thanks Spp. Yeah, I’d have been disappointed if the game had broken; the whole point is un-sharded/non-instanced universe! But yes, there’s nothing out there… yet… :wink:

Hi Mik, great to have you with us.

Quick question, is it that the overall maneuverability of the ship seemed too much (these are top of the range interceptor-class ships we’re testing with)? Or is it that the rate of change increases too rapidly from an off-center mouse direction? We certainly intend to allow players to adjust their mouse sensitivity and save it to their pilot/device profile; and that may fix the issue for you.

Hi neoscoob - Yup, we’re aware of that one, and it’s definitely on the to-fix list.

Hi Simona - thanks for the detailed feedback! That’s strange. I personally played this test on the exact same version of Chrome on Win10. However, given that you switched to Edge and it worked just fine… seems to suggest it’s not a hardware issue either. Do you have any unusual plugins etc running on your Chrome that might interfere with rendering threads? It’s a peculiar one. If you want to get in touch directly rather than post all your config details, send me a private message. Many thanks.

Like “space”-brakes? Interesting idea.

Glad to hear it, microbo. I think we’re getting towards the right balance (at this pace) now.

It’s a problem we’re always going to run up against at this scale of action/activity. However, I’m hoping that when the multi-device support arrives (so you can have eg a single pilot-view HUD screen, and a separate tablet next to you showing your radar, and eg a third laptop showing targeting lists etc) then people will be able to build-their-own cockpits to their specification. We’re also going to allow a large amount of customisation/filters etc to each display - again, saved against the pilot/device combination.

Currently, yes it resets; the game’s current ‘arena-style’ mode will award medals for (eg) 3, 5, 10 etc kills in a row without dying, but that’s not the focus of the full game.

Thanks for the feedback, people. Anything else you can think of, don’t hesitate to let us know.



Hey SC, I meant specifically that the mouse sensitivity is very high when trying to lead targets/adjust direction with mouse. Perhaps there is a way to make the mouse sensitivity higher when the reticle is far from the center and low when it is near the center?

Also, yes, I typed the wrong “brake.” I am going to shamelessly blame it on my kids :P. Maybe it uses your boost power and resets it like when the boost is used to increase forward speed? It would be really cool to be able to hit the brakes on an enemy who is tailing you and strafe down or to the side, then pursue.

So got a question for @GM_stormcrow or whoever can answer it - How are you avoiding floating point errors within this massive game world?