Alpha Test Feedback Feb 6th 2016

Join us at for a 30 min playtest Saturday, 6th Feb, 2015
12pm PACIFIC | 2pm CENTRAL US | 3pm EAST US | 8pm UK/GMT
(Desktop browser, mouse and keyboard)

Release Notes

  • New server telemetry recording which will in the future allow playbacks, strategic analysis, sharing of combats, training programmes etc
  • Dual Projectile Multi-Cannons, 320 rounds/sec (19.2k per min), velocity 4 km/s, 7 km range
  • More improvements to explosions
  • Free-for-All (FFA) – all ships are hostile
  • Running on ASP.NET Core x64, Kestrel, Nano server in Microsoft Azure
  • Next playtest after this one will be in four weeks (Mar 5th)

If you want to know the bigger picture and where we are heading don’t forget to check out: About Age of Ascent

Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

That’s some fantastic looking explosions! Wish I could make it!

When you mention telemetry, is there any way this kind of stuff will be available to the player to see in game? Or any way this information will make it back to the player at all?

I ended up getting on late, but still a great amount of fun!

However i did have an issue, when i got in i was lagging a lot, players would stop moving and then move forward, as well as the textures not loading, the player numbers not showing etc. I have had this before, but this time it took really, really long to load for some reason. might have been due to the lateness of me getting on but i just thought to share it.

For the rest great fun :smile:

ROHAN had a great time again! Thanks for having us.

I was able to actually read the gravidar this time. It’s pretty nice once you get used to it.

When will we get the ability to put it on another device?

I had a great time today. Also I was able to record a video and I’ll post a link to that later today after I have a look at it and upload it to YouTube. Explosions definitely looked better since the last time that I played. I cant wait to come back in 4 weeks and play again.

Great 30min playtest: 81 total pilots; 49 peak pilots; 2,349,328 shots fired; 28,260,073
network messages; 8.73% player accuracy! See you in 4 weeks!

I was three of those pilots if you’re counting Nexxxeh* separately.

This is on Win8.1x64 Pro, X4 640, 6GB DDR3, nVidia GTX 960 2GB (Driver 361.43 at 1920x1200, 59Hz). Mech NKRO keyboard (CM QF TK, UK layout, blue switches), Logitech RX1500 mouse running straight on the desk.

Nexxxeh was my initial run with Firefox 42.0.4. It was cut short because there were weird black diagonal chunks sliding down the carrier/drop ships. It was like moire, just really thick. Firefox does have the latest version of uBlock Origin loaded.

I didn’t faff about at the time, as I’d missed a couple of playtests and was eager to make the most of the half hour. Sorry! You’re welcome to contact me via my forum email address if I can help get to the bottom of that.

I then switched to Opera, which was awesome.

I initially (NexxxehOpera) tried using the mouse, but still couldn’t fly and shoot worth a damn. Switched to keyboard mode and could fly and shoot and was vastly more successful. Very much miss having strafe available in Keyboard mode though. I’ve got an NKRO keyboard.

I somehow managed to trigger a “back” in the browser, which kicked me out, so reconnected at NexxxehOpera2. I decided to try JUST using the mouse, and dropped my throttle to minimum and just became a floating gun. Struggled to kill anything, but did rack up a good number of assists.

Again, had a blast. I appreciate it’s not stuff you’re focusing on, but an auto-centering reticle, strafe in keyboard mode, and a brief howto might make it quite easier.

Cheers, catch you in a month! :smiley:

Alright this is the video that I captured during the playtest: After watching it, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary but hopefully its helpful to have another perspective.