Alpha Test Feedback Dec 5th 2015

Join us at for a 30 min playtest Saturday, 5th Dec, 2015
12pm PACIFIC | 2pm CENTRAL US | 3pm EAST US | 8pm UK/GMT
(Desktop browser, mouse and keyboard)

Projectile multicannon and impacts shown below (click the volume to hear sound)


Release Notes

  • Migrated server code to use dotnet coreclr x64
  • Re-engineered game engine to use aspnet5’s Kestrel server
  • More improvement to explosions
  • Dual Projectile Multi-Cannons, 320 rounds/sec (19.2k per min), velocity 4 km/s, 7 km range
  • Free-for-All (FFA) – all ships are hostile
  • Next playtest after this one will be in five weeks (Jan 9th)

If you want to know the bigger picture and where we are heading don’t forget to check out: About Age of Ascent

Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

I see that time dilation is now in place. That half hour just flew by.

Still going had a brief glitch; go back!

Hi all,

A few glitches were uncovered during this test - a couple of server fall-overs; and a little bit of I/O choking/bursting for some - but we’ve got tons of incredibly useful telemetry.

We really can’t thank you enough for turning up and helping us iron out these bugs!

We’ll keep you posted on the bug-fix progress!



Sorry playing games with my sister. When I just started my computer I got some lag.

That was pretty awesome as always. I think one of the bots was glitchy though… its AI was obviously glitchy as it mostly seemed to just fly straight with occasional half-assed attempts at a turn, while spraying bullets wildly. I think it was called JK_Sturncrow or something like that. Maybe it needs some sort of auto-aim assistance?

This game is amazing, can’t wait till the next play test, keep up the good work!!

I have to admit i joined, very very late therefore my unfortunate score, however happy to see a lot of new(er) players in the test.

Not sure if just me but it took me quite a while longer then usual to join the game. It just gave me the connecting thing for a straight 2 minutes which was never a problem before.

The meteors were completely black not sure if that was my bad internet or if it was meant but yeah i noticed that.

Had some lag, not sure if from my end, people were sometimes jumping around so to speak however i did notice (i think) that there didn’t seem to be the jump lag with the boost?

Also my first time with these new guns and god was it great. However i didn’t quite like getting shot at anymore :’(

Anyway from what i saw not too bad of a test, i read about glitches but like i said i joined very late sorry.

If necessary i can post something, here or in lounge, about my decisions for shooting and such as was asked last play test?

Nice guys. Lots of fun to kill stuff. Look forward to more of the events.

^^ This, btw, is my brother. And yes… I, too, am sorry.

Laggy spaceships, doing sudden and unexpected maneuvers? Or something different?

Delighted to have you with us, Ptolemy! Am pretty sure you’re from the awesome Illy crowd?

Yes, us too.

Pretty sure you were connecting when the server had thrown a fit; apologies.

Generally means that the texture hadn’t loaded, but the model itself rendered anyway. Most likely an artifact of the server hiccup, but we’ll certainly take a closer look.

Yeah, we do think there was a more generalised I/O choke problem behind the server fall-over.

Notwithstanding that we had a few server fall-overs, perhaps the most impressive thing (from our perspective) was that the third server crap-out was broadly unnoticed. ie, The time between the server failing and the complete server recovery of the core game application, including picking up from where it left off… was a little under 5 seconds.

This bodes extremely well indeed for the entire scale-on-demand architecture whereby we can simply pull additional servers in on a whim, as needed, for massive scale fleet combats - even if they’re not necessarily “running hot” in advance. So whilst a server crap-out absolutely isn’t what we want happening (and will fix; we know where the problem lies), there was a very encouraging upside to it!

Lots of wonderful server dump logs to plough through :smile:

Yeah, we’re very pleased with them. They feel, and sound, quite “meaty”. Some polish needed on the fx, still - sparks, a hint of smoke/exhaust from the cycle mechanism, a touch of muzzle flash etc. But yeah, getting there.

I’d really love some decision-making commentary (especially if accompanied by video) from any players who wish to - and are able to - share. It’s going to be astonishingly useful for us in building the combat AI. So yes, please, either here or in the Lounge would be really, really appreciated.



Well i don’t have a recording device due to reasons. But i am more then willing to have some comments on how i react in situations. Not sure if i should post this here, or somewhere else though?

I didn’t notice any issues with frame dropping. I have a 100 Mb/s connection and I was using the latest build of Chrome. Also had no problems with the textures. I

I’m just saying what we’re all thinking.

Everything froze and moved forward. Could just be the computer, or maybe not. (My computer does strange likes such as: turn on then off later for no reason. Show random bloxy pixels only when I’m near the computer, (When my sister used it and I was around it, it got the glitch.) Change IP address for no reason.

You might want to consider running this (assuming you have a PC):

You probably don’t have malware but it might be worth double-checking. I run this every couple of months, even though I have AV up the wazoo. Also, on my computer.

That particle cannon sounds fantastic.

hey this game i really fun. i also had freezing problems. i can expand on those.
@IAMAGEEKYEY this is the guy from omegle we talked about this game and philosophy and stuff. really love this game !!
( Is there a private message feature?)