Alpha test feedback Dec 27, 2014

Join us at for a 30 min playtest Saturday, 27th December, 2014 at 2pm Central US, 3pm East US, 8pm UK/GMT


Release Notes

  • Jupiter and Europa await
  • more to follow…

If you want to know the bigger picture and where we are heading don’t forget to check out: About Age of Ascent

Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

That was Day of Red? Was quite painful being on blue!

Great fun, as always! I look forward to the next test.

An unusual turn of events! Today the red team was stacked pretty hard against the blue team. I saw the iconic blue tail spiral, and when it stopped much to my surprise I saw GM Thundercat at the end, not ubluntu! Way to go mastering this maneuver.

I did manage to accidentally refresh the page with my mouse button again. Just once though.

Maybe it was because I’ve been playing so much Elite, but today felt like everything was moving faster.

Occasionally I noticed that a player (I think it was CobraZaroria?) would turn into a comet and start streaking across the battlefield.

When Defense Force came I entered a prolonged dogfight with Awesome. I didn’t get to kill any of them. I looked up from my dogfight just long enough to see all the Defense Force turn into comets and streak to the center of the field. Bewildering, but cool.

What was changed in this patch?

Video to come.

Did some mixed speed NPCs, had a few other things to go in, but decided to go with a definitely working build instead as its between Xmas and New Year :slight_smile:

Definitely Day of the Red. Good for them as Blue had won the past couple of times. Romeo and I had quite the dogfight as he inflicted an insane 605 damage to get the kill. Still had lots of fun even if we were outnumbered.

Jesus… that’s more than twice your health bar.

Question: As at the end the list is based on personal score rather than team, how would people feel if team choice happened on respawn based on your kills and deaths and team scores; to try to balance the match as it went along.

Currently if one team has the upper hand early, and players from the other team start dropping off and it becomes a reinforcing feedback loop. Doesn’t always happen though.

Honestly, for the sake of my score and identity, I wouldn’t like that.

But these things aren’t important in the grand scheme of things. I wouldn’t stop playing because I couldn’t be on the team I wanted.

I think the ideal solution would be to get those bots to be a more threatening entity and throw a few on the losing team.

For now, I think if I can be programmed to always be red, and Awesome can be made to always be blue, I think the GM team can swap around to the smaller team to even things out. I mean, there’s what, five of you? SC TC Rikoo, Cerberus, and… someone.

I believe that someone should have manual control over the teams so they can drop a bot or switch teams to balance out the play test. Having an algorithm in place would mean testing it and debugging when this is not the biggest issue. I think it would take more time away from the Devs to create a fair system of team selection, when it will not appear in the main game.

With four people, the GM team could wait and see which side needs a reinforcement and join them before too many players begin to leave the test.

As for bots, I heard back in March or so that they had a murderous stare. Even though many things have changed in the game since then, bringing them back could tremendously help balance out the play tests.

First play test in a few months I showed up on time for. Loving how everything is coming along.