Alpha Test feedback Aug 15, 2020

Hi zoro,

We’re going to be adding thrust up/down to mousewheel, which might help. WASD are actually strafe, not pitch/yaw as indicated on the graphic, and we’ll be clarifying that. I haven’t tested arrow keys myself, but will definitely look into that further.

You can also use a gamepad controller if you prefer - and we’ll certainly be providing joystick suport as well.

Hi Spp, good to see you again, but I’m also sorry you had issues.

Hum, that does appear as if the game assets simply didn’t load for you.

If you could send me a private message with some details of your computer and operating system, plus which version of Chrome/Edge you were using, that’d be great. Whilst we’re very much trying to make AoA work on most everything it can, there are simply going to be some set-ups that it won’t run on, and it might be that we have to put together a “minimum spec” document.

Hey BP,

Great to hear that the xbox controller worked, but sorry the dell xps-16 couldn’t keep up the framerate. As that’s probably 10+ years old (?), I’m not really very sure there’s going to be much we can do about that; but I’ll see what our CTO has to say.

Hi Jejune,

Nice to see you in AoA! Yeah, these all-vs-all playtests are pretty intense; we’re really just trying to get as many bullets and particle effects (and buttons being mashed) as possible, to check the scaling up and down.

We currently support a gamepad controller, and we’re definitely going to look into joystick support as well. And yes, we’re also going to allow input rebinding for all flight controls in the future.

On the respawn-but-no-flight-controls front, were you forgetting to hit the tab key to enter flight mode? Or were you pressing it, but not going into flight mode?

Thanks in advance.

hehe, yeah - we’ve gone overboard on the screen-shake, and that’s definitely going to be scaled down.

Nice to hear it ran well in Edge, but can you elaborate on the lag element? On the whole the ships seem to us to be very responsive, and we don’t have inertia turned on at the moment… so I’d love to know more about precisely what you were experiencing.

Radar, contact lists and target lock are all very much on the dev path.

Heyya WV,

Thanks very much for the dxdiag, and we’ll definitely take a close look.

Generally I would suspect a 10-yr old computer might struggle, but at first glance your spec doesn’t seem particularly low. It might be the (unsupported) OS?

Hey Ublu, great to see you!

Absolutely, the radar/gravidar will be back, as will contact lists and target lock.

Mousewheel throttle is coming shortly, and I’ll chat with the team about the tab/Q proximity.

Hi Snags!

Delighted to hear you enjoyed it. Target tracking will improve wildly with radar, contact lists and target lock. Come back next playtest!

Hey Regnadp,

Very happy to hear you enjoyed flying the ship. Allowing players to rebind keys to their own personal preference is very much on the dev path, and we’re looking into joystick control (we do currently support gamepad controller, so it seems potentially a short hop-skip-jump to joystick).

Scanner view (radar, contact list and target lock) are all upcoming.

See you next test!

Hey CG0,

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback. Yep, we’re going to allow players to bind their own key preferences, as it’s really hard to get a setup that works for all. We’re also adding mousewheel thrust controls, and we currently also support gamepad controllers (so hopefully should be able to also support joystick pilots as well).

Radar, contact lists and target lock are all on the dev path, so stay turned.

The lag moments might have come from some of the pilots with the very low framerates, and might be able to be solved with increased server interpolation - but that’s what all the telemetry we gathered this test is for :slight_smile:

I’ll give Ben a nudge and a kick to start thinking about further .NET blogposts :wink:

heh, I don’t think we actually recorded K/D data this time, PR… though I suspect you’d occupy your traditional place :wink:

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Had a lot of fun today and glad to see the progress on the game. I liked the new art style that you guys came out with. Flying with the mouse and keyboard felt pretty similar to the past and I can’t wait to try out a gamepad controller and see how that works. Looking forward to seeing the new and revamped features and whatever else you guys have been working on!

Any idea when the next play test will be?

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Hey Awesome, great to see you back, and glad you enjoyed the game and Nathan’s awesome new visuals.

Definitely try out the gamepad controller next time. I’m utterly useless with gamepads myself (not so great with keyboard and mouse, either!), so it’ll be very useful to get feedback from people who know how to wield them in anger.

Details for the next playtest are on the homepage. It’ll be same time in 2 weeks. Saturday 29AUG20 at 1900 UTC.

Excellent test, the 30 minutes passed as a 5 minutes.
As many players said, the controls should be more configurable (mouse wheel, secondary mouse button, space and other key buttons). Looks and feels excellent and when was crowdy the game was really, really interesting.
When would you do the next test?

Hi Stormcrow,

It’s not quite that old, but yeah. :joy: Here are the specs if it helps:

Dell XPS 15 9530
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
8xIntel® Core™ i7-4712HQ CPU 2.30GHz
Windows 10 Enterprise 19041.450

Thanks for the great-looking game!

Hey MetalArmy,

Glad you enjoyed it - and the time flew by!

Yep, configurable controls are very much the order of the day, plus joystick support on top of the (existing) gamepad controller support.

Details for the next playtest are on the homepage. It’ll be same time in 2 weeks. Saturday 29AUG20 at 1900 UTC.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Hey BP,

No, that’s a pretty decent spec tbh; am surprised your framerate was so low.

Was your browser version up-to-date?

And tyvm for the kind words; many props to our Art Director, Nathan!

Yes, I’m running the latest Dev version of Edge, but I did have a lot of tabs open…

Hiya, SC – yep! Was happy to test AoA and excited to see that it’s still on a path toward launching. I will be forming SIN in the new game, for sure.

Regarding the respawn-but-no-flight-controls issue: yes, I think that may have been the issue, now that I think of it. I guess it wasn’t clear to me that you had to press tab to get control of the ship. I thought it was just optional in order to see the gaming controls. Good to know!

I know you’re very busy with AoA, but I shared with you some work that I’m doing in Illy as well. When you get a chance, check it out. Thanks!