Alpha test feedback April 19, 2014

Release Notes (April 19, 2014)

  • Targeting Radar - See ship locations with name, distance & health
  • Targeting Radar - Press “G” to change the size of the map
  • Targeting Radar - Press “<” and “>” keys to change zoom level
  • Respawn screen lists your kills for the session next to your accolades.
  • Also lists who destroyed you, coupled with the tactical map; “vengence time”?
  • Reticle now rotates when shot is on target.
  • Display on high DPI screens; e.g. mac retina and chromebook pixel should be fixed.
  • Sound, using the Web Audio API, now working latest Firefox as well as Chrome.
  • Dynamic music has been disabled as it degraded frame-rate on some systems, we are investigating.
  • Assets (css, textures, sounds, models, etc) now deployed via CDN.

Just checking. Should I be able to get sounds yet on IE11?

Lenovo X1 Carbon with Logitech H800 Wireless Headset. I see the button to enable audio and music, but no sounds of any kind.


Twas fun on the blue team. Had a 15 kill streak at one point, but probably averaged 5 or so.

When they released the bots, oh my they slaughtered me. I was thinking to myself dayum, those guys flying in formation are deadly… Then I looked at their names.

Wasn’t quite sure about the controls when I first booted the game up. Found the control menu on the death screen later. Found it again on the left side.

Had a few issues where I’d twitch, misclick, and lose focus in the window. Fullscreen mode didn’t help 'cause Chrome complained about the application being in fullscreen every time my mouse went to the top of the screen.

Didn’t notice any lag that I wouldn’t expect from a browser based game. Needed to apply a slightly overgenerous lead on your target to hit it correctly.

Thanks for the good time. Will come back to play again sometime.

I think you killed me the most times! Had to release the bots to get you off my tail :wink:

We are going to try to improve the controls some and capture the mouse when in full screen.

Glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you again soon

Hi, we use the Web Audio API for sound effects which is currently not implemented in IE11 - It is under consideration so fingers crossed:

We had dynamic music off this week, which does work in IE; but we switched it off as it caused some frame rate issues which we are tracking down.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! I’ll be back next weekend on FireFox. :slight_smile:

BTW, if you want to build a fire under this, you can refer folks to the bug report at:

One would think with Microsoft being so interested in Azure success stories, they could take a step to enable one. :slight_smile:

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