A new look for the forums!

What do you think? These forums are new – in many ways – so we will be tweaking them over the coming months. Let us know what you might want or need to communicate better.

GM Rikoo

Compared to the main website I feel the forums are very…white.

Too clean. Hurts my eyes a bit.

Much better!

It’s still not quite like the main website but I think it’s fine.

What was the reason for the change?

We’d have to ask TC. Personally, the dark theme is much worse on my eyes. We’ll see how it goes! :smile:

GM Rikoo

[quote=“PsychoRomeo, post:3, topic:211”]
What was the reason for the change?
[/quote]Our forum software has just reached v1 and we fixed the auto updater :expressionless: while migrating to a new shiny server http://www.discourse.org/

Sounds exciting. Really the lighter theme is fine, just… not absolute white.

Are we not able to personalize the theme for our account?