Alpha Test feedback Aug 29, 2020

Hey PR!

Hmm, sounds maybe related to the issue Garuluth had. TC will be in touch to try and diagnose the control input issue.

Yep, ‘H’ to remove the HUD has always been there, and we’re aware it doesn’t cope well with death (you have to press tab, then ‘H’ to get the respawn page atm). This will be fixed shortly!

Should be some stats in this post!



Welcome, Moskauzer!

Delighted everything worked smoothly for you.

You killed 22 (or so the stats tell me!) - hope to see you on the next playtest.



Welcome, DoL

heh; yep the planet is actually part of the skybox, and is unreachable…

All planets are flat! Not just in AoA, but in actual RL! I thought everyone knew that. :wink:

See you in the next playtest.


Heyya Asv,

Obv q - did you check spam folder for password reset mail? If it’s not there, please do let us know, and we can look into it further.

Glad you enjoyed the play and the gfx, and see you next time!



Did you have a joystick or gamepad attached; looks like we may have a conflict where that seizes control overriding keyboard+mouse so will have to allow more cooperative control.

Hey Regnadp,

Glad it was all smooth for you. Collision damage isn’t currently a feature, and we’re still having an internal debate on whether it should be, or not.

Target selection / lock and radar should hopefully be in the next playtest.

See you next time!


Glad you liked the extra controls. On the framerate side, is there any chance you could run (if you haven’t already) a dxdiag or similar, if - perchance - you’re not a Windows user :wink: and also a and send me both outputs? Either PM here or email to

Many, many thanks in advance.


Hey Simona,

LOL. I’m very glad that’s the case!

Thrilled you enjoyed it, and hope to see you next time round!



Heyya pazzo,

Sshhh, don’t tell anybody… but simply hitting refresh (F5) on your browser will respawn you back in the centre of the map. Obv this is temporary, otherwise anyone losing a battle could simply disappear into the ether :slight_smile:

Yes, yes you should have :smiley:

See you next time!


Glad you enjoyed it, LTI!

heh, we haven’t turned LOCD (Large Object Collision Detection) on right now, as it’s easier to test without. However, you can tell we’re actually doing the detection by the bullet ricochets off the space stations etc. We’re just not bouncing you off them and/or inflicting collision damage - at the moment.

WASD/strafe are dependent on the particular ship hull. Different ship hulls, and different modules applied to any particular ship loadout, will have different modifiers to elements such as spatial translations etc. So - in the future - if you want more strafe translation - there’ll be things to fit your ship with (at, ofc, the opportunity cost of other module slots).

By scrollbar, I think you mean mousewheel?! If so, glad you liked it!

We’re certainly going to allow players their own keybindings in the future.

We don’t currently have inertia turned on; as things are right now, you can come to a full stop on a dime. This is actually a much better test of the systems in terms of interpolating positional data. Inertia can be used to hide a multitude of server-sync issues (much like wind-up animations in most other MMOs), and so we’re deliberately running without inertia atm. However, inertia is certainly going to be added to all ships in the future (eg a massive cargo carrier shouldn’t have the same 0-60km/h as an interceptor!).

Really glad you enjoyed it, and really look forward to seeing you next time!


Heyya kraik,

Thanks v much for playing, and for your feedback.

Delighted it ran smooth enough for you. We will be adding specific directional indicators for incoming fire, so you know from which direction you’re being hit.

Fab that it ran OK on a reasonably old-ish spec box. Any data you might have collected (or can in the future) on framerate etc would be super-useful.

See you next time!


Heyya CLI,

Very happy you enjoyed the experience, and welcome to the AoA community!

Yeah, the sign-up and straight-in is pretty awesome, we think :slight_smile:

As mentioned above on the WASD front… each ship hull has different parameters (and we’re all, currently, in the same ship), and you will also be able to fit modules into your ships to improve specific aspects of the flight envelope, in the fuller game.

Mouse DPI - is this the same as sensitivity? iirc, this is defined at your local computer end, rather than ours. However, this could be that you weren’t necessarily expecting the ship to be quite so responsive/lively as it was! The hull you were flying in this playtest is basically a fast frigate, and at the higher end of responsiveness; plus we didn’t have inertia turned on for this playtest either… and it could be that both of those combined to make you feel you were wrestling a live eel :smiley:

See you next time!


Yeah, the dpi is the sensitivity. And you were spot on it is on my side, I just would have turned it down if I knew the game was so responsive and required more minute movements. Still great fun though!

Sorry, I didn’t address this in my earlier post. Any chance you could give me some of the specs of your box?

A dxdiag report would be super-useful, which you can either PM to me or mail to - can talk you through running one if you’re not sure.

Many thanks, again, in advance.


Anytime that someone is saying that they might need to turn down their local mouse sensitivity because the MMO they’re playing is ‘too responsive’… gives everyone here at Illyriad Games a warm and fuzzy feeling :smiley:

Great, and I mean great to hear!


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No problems logging in. Controls were smooth and it ran very well. I played mainly using the mouse.
Was really fun and the time went so quick. I thought I was doing well and got quite a few kills but the results say otherwise :frowning:

Ah, yes I did. I didn’t even think about that.

lol - my results say much the same thing. But delighted to hear that the time passed swiftly by, and you didn’t experience any issues!

See you next time.



Some footage from the playtest!

See you in space, next time round!



Is this game still alive?