Alpha Test Feedback Aug 20th 2016

Scores from this playtest are shown below, please provide your feedback on your experience!


Release Notes

  • This is a rerun of the previous playtest - however with various bugs fixed that prevented it.
  • Age of Ascent is now https everywhere served over secure SSL/TLS.
  • Testing Windows Server 2016 with HTTP/2 when supported.
  • Fixed forum account activation and email.
  • Free-for-All (FFA) – all ships are hostile
  • Dual Projectile Multi-Cannons, 320 rounds/sec (19.2k per min), velocity 4 km/s, 7 km range
  • Next playtest after this one will be in four weeks (Sat Sep 17th)

If you want to know the bigger picture and where we are heading don’t forget to check out: About Age of Ascent

Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

I’m guessing this one will not be the big we one you were referring to?

No, Spp, not this one. This one just finished was mostly about verifying we killed the show-stopper bug from last time. And it appears we did, which is great news.

Thanks to all who participated.


Awesome test today. Lots of fun and no bugs that I noticed.


That was manic. Fun but manic. glad I remember about this starting 3 seconds before It did…

Eventually discovered if I just came to a stop near the edge of the chaos I could just about track and hit things :confused:

No lag. <80ms ping throughout. even when it hit 100 players. Good work!

Glad you enjoyed it, Paul!

Do you mind me asking where (roughly) you’re geographically based? Would be useful to know.



Aww, disappointing that it’s already over – missed my chance. I’ll have to jump right in next time! Maybe update the homepage to say how long these are expected to be up?

Np. Im in norwich, In the uk.
Decent fibre connection.
(On the wifi tho. so ping times could have been lower via wired connection).

I presume my email is visible to you in my profile. Feel free to contact me if you need anything else.

Sorry you missed it too - we have always only run these for 30 mins; but you’re absolutely right… putting something on the homepage would be very sensible.

Hope to see you next time.


Probably not your wifi - we spooled the server cluster up only in the East Coast US datacenter this time; so sub 80ms is pretty good for a return transatlantic.

Many thanks; I will.



we spooled the server cluster up only in the East Coast US datacenter this time; so sub 80ms is pretty good for a return transatlantic.

Awesome. You respond about as fast as you possible can then. My average ping to Azures US East 1 is around 90ms and US East 2 is around 100.

would love to see a test in the Ireland based datacenter. (I can get down to 20-30ms there!).

Azure East is pretty good when going for a single datacenter as West Coast US gets about the same ping time as Europe; advantage to East cost players though (I was getting about 90ms in Nottingham, over wifi also)

Is there a chance it will be the next playtest?
Whatever it is i think it will be a good refreshment for the tests!